Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Activities in 2024

Summary: creation of test interfaces for set-top boxes, including New Product Introduction (NPI) services and comprehensive technical support. We are at the forefront of innovation with our automated production supervisor and a vision-based test bench for set-top boxes. Our technical support significantly improves the First Pass Yield (FPY) for GPON fiber optic modems. Since 2010, our clinical skin study software has been continuously enhanced with advanced features and new instruments, solidifying our expertise in cosmetology and pharmacology.

Throughout the current year 2024, AJOLLY testing has accomplished several significant projects, even though the year has not yet concluded. We have implemented advanced test interfaces for set-top boxes featuring Alexa integration and provided comprehensive NPI support. Furthermore, we have developed a sophisticated production line supervisor with automation integration, and an innovative vision-based test bench for set-top boxes. These achievements reflect our ongoing commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction:

  • Expertise in Test Interfaces for Alexa-Integrated Set-Top Boxes and NPI Support:
    • Design and implementation of test interfaces for audio/video, Ethernet, USB, HDMI, FrontEnd functionalities, as well as WiFi, Bluetooth, acoustic with microphone testing, infrared, and antenna tests.
    • Technical support for the installation of End-of-Line (EOL) testers, training of maintenance technicians, interaction with R&D teams and industrialization services, and assistance during production start-up, particularly for problem identification, solution implementation, and repair diagnostics.
    • Location: Manaus, Brasil
  • Development of a Production Line Supervisor with Automation Integration:
    • Extraction of production orders from printed documents.
    • Management of the sequencing of manufacturing orders.
    • Transmission of instructions to PLCs and retrieval of production data for real-time display.
    • Creation of traceability files for production and incidents.
    • Technologies implemented: LabVIEW, DQMH framework, OPC UA, Keyence.
    • Location: France
  • Development of a Vision-Based Test Bench for Set-Top Boxes:
    • Diagnostics performed by extracting self-test information via HDMI output, adapted to final and secure products with restricted standard communication.
    • Capability for simultaneous testing of 9 units with a volume of 600 units per cycle.
    • Production of detailed test reports for traceability and technical analysis of testing procedures.
    • Location: Netherlands
  • Support for GPON Fiber Optic Modem Production:
    • Analysis of test data to improve First Pass Yield (FPY): We have implemented a thorough analysis of production test data to identify the root causes of failures and improve the success rate on the first pass.
    • Optimization of analyses by optical oscilloscope and improvement of its driver: We have optimized the use of the optical oscilloscope, an essential tool for signal characterization in GPON modems. The improvement of the oscilloscope’s driver has allowed for better integration with our test systems, thus increasing the precision and efficiency of the analyses.
    • Location: Manaus, Brazil
  • Skin Clinical Study Software: Since 2010, AJOLLY testing has been committed to the continuous improvement of our skin clinical study software, an indispensable tool for cosmetology and pharmacology laboratories. Here are the major advancements:
    • Integration of new features: We have enriched our software with advanced options for more precise and personalized analysis of clinical data.
    • Addition of new instruments: The software has been updated to include support for new cutting-edge measurement instruments, such as the frictiometer, as well as Courage + Khazaka’s flex and nano tewameters, allowing for a more comprehensive evaluation of skin properties.
    • Location: France

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