Sunday, December 31, 2023

Activities in 2023

Summary: launched GPON & WiFi6 gateways with advanced testing stations for WiFi6 calibration, USB, telephony, and fiber optics. Developed TestStand and LabVIEW sequences for quality assurance, including Ethernet and WiFi throughput. Innovated in cosmetology measurement with networked software and new instruments. Supported audio-video products with Alexa, ensuring quality in WiFi6, Bluetooth, and acoustic testing. Created automatic calibration software for WiFi/Bluetooth testers, improving maintenance and traceability.

In 2023, our relentless pursuit of innovation led us to develop and manufacture cutting-edge test and measurement solutions tailored precisely to meet the needs of our clients across diverse industrial sectors. Strengthening our strategic partnerships with local players, we expanded our global footprint by consolidating operations and collaborations in five key countries: Mexico, Brazil, Tunisia, China, and France.

Our keg projects for the year reflect our unwavering commitment to excellence:
  • GPON & WiFi6 Fiber Optic residential gateway: we orchestrated the production launch by designing and manufacturing sophisticated test interfaces, developing customized test software, and ensuring material supply for all line testers:
    • WiFi6 802.11ax Calibration and Testing Station: Featuring beamforming and vision-based LED testing on PCBA.
    • Multifunctional Testers for USB 2.0 ports and telephony.
    • Optical Tester for fiber optic connectors.
    • GPON TX/RX Calibration Stations and validation processes.
    • Functional Testers for GPON and OLT.
    • Automated Testers for WiFi antenna power, LED color, USB 3.1, and telephone connectors post-assembly.
    • Product Customization Stations with client-specific data (SSID, passwords, etc.).
    • Quality Testers for end-of-line products, including automated GUI access, Ethernet throughput (1G and 2.5G), WiFi throughput (2.4G and 5G), USB, GPON, and label information validation (SSID, MAC addresses, IP, serial numbers, etc.). All test sequences were developed using TestStand and LabVIEW.
  • Advanced Analysis Station for DOCSIS 4.0 Modem Calibration in Research and Development:
    • Precise calibration of the unit in upstream and downstream flow with rigorous validation of offsets.
    • Advanced automation of the commands of the unit to be calibrated for increased efficiency.
    • Automated control of instruments via SCPI commands on an Ethernet network, ensuring reliable and rapid communication.
    • Software development in Python with integration of high-level drivers designed in LabVIEW, guaranteeing optimal interoperability and maximum performance.
  • Cosmetology Measurement Station: Since 2010, we’ve been innovating with a measurement software dedicated to clinical studies in cosmetology:
    • Integration of new instruments from Courage + Khazaka electronic.
    • Advanced features for study synchronization via network and cloud.
    • Ongoing development using LabVIEW.
  • Video Soundbox with Alexa Assistant: our technical support and test interfaces cover:
    • Identification and resolution of production issues based on tester analysis and continuous improvement reports.
    • Interfaces for validating WiFi6, Bluetooth, audio from four speakers, and microphones in an acoustic chamber. Also includes audio-video, USB, HDMI, and type F connectors.
  • Set-Top Box with Alexa Assistant: our technical support extends to identifying post-assembly production issues:
    • Designing test interfaces for validating WiFi6 and Bluetooth antenna power, infrared communication, LED color, and intensity.
    • Audio validation for the product’s two microphones in an acoustic chamber.
  • Automatic Calibration Software for WiFi and Bluetooth Testers:
    • Developed software for automatic calibration of test benches.
    • Facilitates maintenance technicians in bench calibration.
    • Generates calibration reports for enhanced traceability.

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