dimanche 31 décembre 2017

Activities in 2017

The year 2017 was successful in hardware and software developments, measurement and traceability audits, training in Mexico, United States, Brazil and France.

Here is a list of the main activities:
  • fuses block test bench by vision for the Freightliner trucks production (Daimler): one in Mexico and two in the United States (LabVIEW, vision).
  • production of two new DSL home gateway models for Sagemcom and Jabil : implementation of end of line testers (EOL) with accompaniment of the production ramp up and NPI assistance in Brazil (TestStand, LabWindows/CVI).
  • engine test and Modbus TCP : development of a software solution for controlling an engine test bench in two modes. Local mode allows the technician to check the engine for measurements; The remote mode allows another system to automate and control measures by Modbus TCP. All measurements are available at any time via Modbus TCP. This system was installed in France (LabVIEW).
  • WIFI test of GPON fiber optic home gateway for Sagemcom and Jabil : hardware and software development of wireless test bench for Brazil service center. It detects faults distinguishing antennas to facilitate repair (TestStand)
  • traceability system for the sensors production for Delphi : development of tactile interfaces for operators to monitor the production of Delphi gas sensors and accompanying the implementation of the database (C#, Oracle)
  • skin clinical study software for cosmetology : adding a new measurement instrument (Diastron translucency meter TLS850) and new features to the software introduced in 2010 and now used by many laboratories (LabVIEW).

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