Saturday, April 10, 2010

Conference "LabVIEW Embedded Systems for variables monitoring "

Summary: AJOLLY Testing’s recent conference showcased our cutting-edge remote monitoring solutions using National Instruments’ LabVIEW. We demonstrated the power of LabVIEW embedded systems through a live cross-continental interaction, controlling a cooling system in Paris from Mexico. Our session covered the essentials of control, monitoring, and testing, and featured a detailed look at our Paris system’s hardware and software. We also introduced LabVIEW’s capabilities, including shared variables and web server functions, emphasizing our commitment to innovation in industrial and scientific systems. Join us on our blog for insights into our advanced telematics engineering solutions.

Adrien Jolly - (c) François Orsero It was a pleasure to give a conference about industrial and scientific systems of National Instruments during the international conferences in telematics engineering at the Polytechnic University of Durango, Mexico. During one hour I developed the theme of "LabVIEW Embedded systems for the variables monitoring": definition of what are the control, monitoring, simulation, test and measurement, a demonstration of programming with LabVIEW, a live video with my client at the Raspail Institute of Paris in France, to describe a cooling system using components from National Instruments and an embedded LabVIEW software I developed, to demonstrate the capabilities of remote control of the machine installed in Paris from Mexico.

Part 1/8: Introduction

Entering the conference to show the evolution of the products and their impact on the technologies used to manufacture them.

Part 2/8: Control, Monitoring, Measuring, Testing, Simulation

Description which are control, measurement, test and simulation in the industry and scientific research.

Part 3/8: Examples

Examples of control systems, monitoring, testing, measurement made ​​with the technology from National Instruments: LabVIEW, LabWindows/CVI or TestStand and hardware.

Part 4/8: Live Video System Paris

Live video from Paris, France (Raspail Institute) to describe the double rooms cooling machine with Compact FieldPoint of National Instrument control and monitoring and embedded software that I developed in using the LabVIEW Graphic language, with the very friendly participation of Mr. Daniel Garault technical director of the institute and the thermodynamics Prof. Guy Marcaillou and physics tProf. Clarisse Mbobda Fonking .

Part 5/8: Paris System Detailed

Hardware description of the embedded system's machine in Paris: Compact FieldPoint and a software developed with LabVIEW Real-Time.

Part 6/8: Introduction to LabVIEW

Demonstration of programming a signal generator with LabVIEW.


Part 7/8: Shared Variables

Presentation of the network shared variables in LabVIEW and demonstration with a remote control of the machine from Mexico to Paris, France.


Part 8/8: Web Server with LabVIEW

Description and demonstration of the embedded Web Server in LabVIEW Compact FieldPoint of National Instruments to remote control a machine from the browser.

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