Friday, December 31, 2021

Activities in 2021

Summary: Developed Linux-based set-top box testers with Alexa, focusing on acousticaudiovideoWiFi, and Bluetooth. Implemented GPON modem testers for optical fibertelephonyUSB, and Ethernet; including WiFi 6 antenna verification via NFT. Advanced EV component testing with 5000V dielectric tests and LabVIEW software, utilizing Keysight and other instruments for precise electrical measurements.

In 2021, our global team embarked on an ambitious slate of projects that spanned across Mexico, Brazil, Tunisia, China, and France, pushing the boundaries of technological innovation. We engineered sophisticated set-top box testers with Linux and Alexa integration, ensuring comprehensive validation for acoustic, audio, video, WiFi, and Bluetooth functionalities.

Our expertise in fiber optics was demonstrated through the development of GPON modem testers, which included rigorous testing of optical fibers, user interfaces, and WiFi 6 capabilities, ensuring devices met the highest standards of performance and reliability.

Additionally, we ventured into the automotive sector, creating component testers for electric vehicles capable of conducting high-voltage dielectric tests and intricate electrical measurements, utilizing a suite of advanced instruments and software. Each project was a step towards redefining industry benchmarks and reinforcing our leadership in the field:

  • Set-top box testers with connected speaker under Linux and the virtual assistant Alexa:
    • manufacture of test interfaces for acoustic, audio, video, WiFi, Bluetooth validation
    • installation on production line
    • production launch follow-up
  • GPON fiber optic modem testers: design / manufacture of test interfaces and development of test software (based on National Instruments TestStand) to test:
    • GPON optical fiber: functional test with OLT
    • Phone, USB, Ethernet
    • NFT (Near Field Testing) for the verification of WiFi 6 antennas
    • WiFi 2.4GHz and 5GHz (Throughput) and WiFi 6 speed test
    • Led color test and automated button test
    • Download of client software and customization (MAC address, SSID, password, etc.)
    • User interface test (with Selenium automation)
  • Component tester for electric vehicle:
    • dielectric tests (5000V) and functional electrical measurements
    • technical details:
      • development under TestStand and LabVIEW
      • instruments: Keysight, Associated Research, Pickering, Gw Instek, B&K Precision, communication with PLC in MC protocol (MELSEC communication protocol)

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